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A small brewery Sandorf, having the capacity of 1,000 hl beer per year, situated in the village Prievaly (the Senica district), has been in business since 2011. The brewery is located in the centre of the village Prievaly by the main road in a building with the indication no. 79, a hundred meters away from the local church on the route Pernek – Rohožník – Jablonica. You enter the premises by turning left from the main road. Beer from the brewery is distributed in KEG barrels as well as PET bottles and is offered on the premises of the brewery Sandorf (Tavern Šandorfský šenk and Restaurant Sandorf) as well as in some establishments in Slovakia. The brewery was built by reconstructing original premises of the tavern Šandorfský šenk. Two mashing and filtering containers in which beer is cooked constitute component parts of the tavern´s interior; other technology and four fermentation containers are situated on the reconstructed cellar premises. In the lagering cellar under the summer terrace, beer matures in twelve lagering tanks.

During the reconstruction, also the attic above the tavern Šandorfský šenk was reconstructed and is now used as the tavern´s non-smoking room. The brewery Sandorf cooks bottom as well as top fermented beers. Pale lager 11°, semi-dark and dark lager 12° are on our permanent offer. By adding natural macerates to semi-dark lager 12°, the brewery produces flavoured beer; in the winter it cooks honey special 12° and in the summer wheat beer 12°. During its existence, it cooked also various types of beer such as ALE, IPA, stout, porter, smoke special; it prepared archive beer Russian Imperial Stout 23° for the opening of the beer baths and also special trappist beer for the 2nd year of the Záhorie Beer Festival. In 2012, the existing and reconstructed premises were added a new building in the basement of which there are beer baths with wellness. A restaurant is situated on the ground floor and a guesthouse with eight rooms is in the attic. New services such as beer baths, wellness, massages, meals and accommodations have been provided since 5 December 2012.

In 2013, the Prievaly brewery Sandorf won two significant prizes in the 7th year of the Spring Prize of Czech Brewers 2013 Zvíkov: took the 1st place with the beer Sandorf dark lager 12° in the category DARK LAGER and the 1st place with the beer Russian Imperial Stout 23° in the category BEER OF ANGLO-SAXON TYPE STOUT.

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    Beer baths and wellness

    Náročný životný štýl v tomto uponáhľanom svete neprospieva nikomu z nás a práve my Vám ponúkame ,,Darček ako zážitok


    The menu is compiled of fresh ingredients according to the latest gastronomic trends. We build on simplicity and the perfect harmony of tastes. Our sauces are prepared from the whipped cream, quality alcohol and strong salt-free consommés. Side dishes are adapted to the taste of main products. For the team of people, under the management […]
    Ubytovanie SANDORF


    SELECT A ROOM TO BE BEST FOR YOU: The price does not include the local fee of EUR 0.50 per person/night. The price includes accommodation, breakfast, parking and Internet connection. The below prices are VAT inclusive. Room offer                               / 1 person / […]
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